How to Go Green with Your Living Room Furniture

Going green is becoming easier every day. Many businesses are finding that going “green” is not just responsible but profitable. It used to be more expensive to get environmentally friendly, but that is changing every day. There are now many ways to get the goods you want while staying within a budget. With the sudden influx of more eco-friendly companies offering goods and services there is a lot of competition. You can now get a large variety of products and stores that offer these. No matter what you are looking for, you can always find a green version.

When it comes to green furniture there are several different options. There are many local and national companies that offer these goods to the public. There are many different places to buy green furniture as well. From the swap meet to Ikea and Pier One, almost every store out there will offer eco-friendly products. Here are some places and alternatives that you may want to look into.

Amish Furniture

The Amish have been “green” for hundreds of years. No one does eco-friendly and natural better than this group. This includes furniture as well. Each piece of Amish furniture is hand made with no electricity and nothing that is not natural. The wood, nails, and stains are all handmade right on the farms with old style methods using no machinery or chemicals. This makes them completely green. They are usually a little more pricey due to the high quality and low supply, but they are very beautiful, sturdy, and quality made. There is no better green solution than Amish.

Local Hobbyist

There are many different people that love carpentry and build furniture as a hobby. Many times they use chemical stains and sealants so they are not quite as “green” as Amish furniture, but the lack of the expensive machinery and major factories, they are quite eco-friendly. You can often find these at local swap meets. There are some that make futon style furniture from pallets. They may sound rather unappealing but are designed very nice and are quite comfortable. There are several of these hobbyists in all areas of the country. Finding their furniture can be easy and help the local economy.

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is another source for eco-friendly furniture. Surprisingly, Crate and Barrel was one of the cheaper places to offer these alternatives. They have a wide variety and selection of different furniture pieces that are “green”. There are designs and pieces that will fit any décor at the C B.; You can view them all online at their website and even get free shipping for orders over $1500.


Target is building a much larger inventory of green products. They have a lot of furniture and offer very low prices. Currently there is not a large enough inventory to create an entire décor, but they are adding new items all the time. They have a large enough supply of the smaller pieces that you can be sure to find some pieces to match your design. Currently they are a good way to trim some of the cost of a new look, but they are constantly increasing their inventory and will soon be able to offer complete sets.

This is not a complete list and there are many more stores and methods to getting eco-friendly furniture. With virtually every store starting to cater to the environmentalists, the prices are dropping while the styles and availability is on the rise. No matter where you decide to shop, there are affordable options all over. Some of these options just take a little more searching.

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